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Exporting is Great for Your Business

90% of exports from the UK are from SMEs. But only 10% of registered business actually export. That means there is a massive opportunity. A massive opportunity for you! You have probably already thought about it but you are just too busy. Whether you have already started to export or considering it, KCBC will give sound, solid advice to maximise your potential for exports. Brexit is certainly making everything feel uncertain but that does not mean that suddenly exporting to Germany or France or Italy will just cease. Adapt or die.

Find New Markets

There will be new opportunities for companies willing to study the market carefully and find a point of entry. It can be done. Beyond Europe there are markets that perhaps you may not even have considered such as Australia or Canada. These offer huge potential for UK exporters. Exporting can add volume to your sales, help you reduce costs and streamline your processes.

Export More with KCBC

But no one said it was easy. It may be something you have been considering for a long time but never quite found the time. At KCBC we will find the time for you and kick-start your exporting efforts. We will do the groundwork. It will certainly take hard work by all concerned, but it will pave the way to a whole new dimension to your company, benefitting you, your staff and your stakeholders. It will require a long term consistent approach. There is a rarely an easy route to export.

Turn Ideas into Plans

We will listen to your export ideas and turn them into a working plan for you and your staff to begin to open up new markets around the world. KCBC will work with you to make sure that any plans are realistic and suggest modifications to your processes and point out training opportunities for your staff to begin integrating the export of your products into the day to day activities at your company.

The Department for International Trade uses the tag line, “If we can, you can”. And its true. But you need to take that first step and at KCBC we can help you to do that.

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