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Company Rescue

It is Darkest Before Dawn

At KCBC we specialise in company rescue. Nearly 18,000 companies went but in 2018, that’s 1 in 200. And the numbers are rising. But you do not have to be one of them Things can be turned around. It takes guts and planning and some very brave decisions. At KCBC we have personal experience of guiding a company through the double dip recession of 2012. It seemed like someone had cut all the phone lines. It was desperate. But that company was saved, went on to grow and flourish and was ultimately sold and is still going today.

We Need a Plan

As with so many things in business it is not easy. But you probably already know the right things to do. At KCBC we listen carefully to every aspect of your business. Dagging out the details that matter. Giving you a little breathing space. Time to think. And together we can formulate a plan to save the company, grow the company and return to profitability. Its not a 100% guarantee and it will take energy and commitment but at KCBC we help you to stay focussed on what matters, stick to the plan, monitor the progress and find a way through.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Money will no doubt be tight, and you may have exhausted every avenue you can think of. But there may be ways that have escaped your attention and may just be what you need to help you out of the problem. Money does not solve all the problems. At KCBC we make sure the cash is targeted on what matters. Where it will make the biggest difference. Cash is king. Profit is sanity. We help you realise the potential still locked up on your company and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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